dGrowl is a simple notification system similar to the OS X's Growl notifications. The widget was built with the dojo 1.8.2 framework. This version takes advantage of the dojo AMD loader. There is also a similar dojo widget called a Toaster. dGrowl offers some desired features the Toaster lacked but it may still be a good choice depending on your needs.

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A simple example.

var dg = new dGrowl();
dg.addNotification('Hello world!');

Creating two channels and publishing a message first using the addNotification API and then via the dGrowl event.

var dg = new dGrowl({'channels':[{'name':'info','pos':2},{'name':'error', 'pos':1}]});
dg.addNotification('Ut oh, something broke!',{'channel':'error'});
topic.publish('dGrowl', 'This message is stickied!', {'title':"Onward ho!", 'sticky':true});


dGrowl Configuration

Property Datatype Description
channels array [optional] List of channel definitions. The first item in this list is the default channel when one isn't specified for the notifications. Object properties include:
  • pos - integer [optional]. The display order.
  • name - string. The channel name.
defaultChannel string [optional] The name of the default channel the addNotification method uses. When not specified, uses the first item in the channels list or default.
orientation string [optional] Defaults to topRight. This is the location on the window the widget is located. Available options: topRight, (planned: topLeft, bottomRight, bottomLeft)

Message Options

These are the options that can be passed to any message that is published. Messages are typically published to a particular channel i.e. "error" or "default" with various display options.

addNotification( String message, [options])
Property Datatype Description
sticky boolean [optional] Defaults to false. If true the notification will remain on the window until closed.
duration integer [optional] msecs the notification remains on the page. Defaults to 5000.
channel string [optional] Name of the channel this message is fired under.
title string [optional] A title displayed at the top of the message.


Try it out!

See message options